Claudine Gets Results


"Professionalism, sound expertise, thorough preparation, trust"

Having worked with Claudine as a mediator, and in a very complex matter, Claudine impressed me immensely with her professionalism, sound expertise, thorough preparation and ability to gain a client’s trust. She easily works with very different personalities, and uses her skill to engage people in the settlement process, which is an invaluable tool in the mediator’s belt.
Sarah Quilliam - Pippacolman.com

"Extremely skilled. Commitment and focus"

Claudine is an extremely skilled mediator. I have mediated with Claudine in some highly emotional family law matters and I cannot fault her commitment to, and focus on, helping the parties to reach a much-needed resolution. I always look forward to working with Claudine.
Rees O'Brien, FC Lawyers

"Professional, exceptional mediator"

Claudine is a very professional mediator who cuts through the legal jargon to really guide the parties to focus on the specific issues in dispute. She clearly communicates with parties on a level they resonate with, while validating their view points at all times. Claudine is exceptional, and I won’t hesitate to work with her again!’
Charlotte Nielson LLB - Finemore Walters & Story

“Achieved A Resolution When I Had My Doubts That We Could Find Common Ground”

Thanks for your assistance with the mediation the other day. Your job was made a lot more difficult by the other side being self-represented. Your practical common-sense approach, not to mention your persistence and commitment, achieved a resolution when I had my doubts that we could find common ground at the beginning of the day. You certainly saved my client thousands of dollars on a trial when it clearly shouldn’t have been necessary.
Solicitor McCarthy - Durie Lawyers

“Commercial Mediation”

Dr Claudine Kasselis presided over a mediation involving my client, in February 2020. Both my client and I were impressed with her professionalism, people skills and legal acumen. Dr Kasselis was articulate and in my view, instrumental in achieving an outcome which was acceptable to all parties. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a mediator.
Jim Crimmins & Associates

“Empathy And Support Along With Strategy And Tactics”

I was really impressed with the way Claudine instantly developed a detailed understanding of my issues. She operates with a difference, providing empathy and support along with strategy and tactics. Most importantly, she searches for solutions and wants the best possible outcome as much as her clients do. I know I would not have achieved the same outcome with anybody else.
Kristin Rogers

“My client was very appreciative of Claudine’s assistance in resolving her family law dispute”

I have worked with Claudine as a mediator, and I highly recommend her. She was patient with my client, empathetic and understanding. Claudine was well prepared prior to the mediation. Her approach and attention to detail gave our client confidence in her as a mediator and ensured the process ran smoothly. Our matter ran late and Claudine had no hesitation staying longer to ensure an agreement could be reached and documented. My client was very appreciative of Claudine’s assistance in resolving her family law dispute. I have no hesitation in recommending Claudine and look forward to working with her again.
Vanessa Hernandez

“I Would Choose Her At Any Opportunity As A Mediator”

As a mediator, I cannot recommend Claudine too highly.She is very personable with high-level communication skills. Claudine shows great attention to detail throughout the mediation process.Her patience and perseverance in difficult circumstances are highly commendable. I would choose her at any opportunity as a mediator.
Tatum McGeary - Arcuri Lawyers

“Recommend Her As A Good Mediator”

Ms Kasselis has been the mediator of recent family law mediation conferences in which our firm was involved. In each case, Ms Kasselis achieved a resolution between the parties in the matter. Ms Kasselis handled the conferences professionally and efficiently, with our clients not feeling under pressure at any stage of the process. Ms Kasselis was knowledgeable in the area of family law, and a patient listener. Her neutral stance was evident, and she inspired confidence and trust in our clients. We have faith in Ms Kasselis ability to effectively mediate family law matters, and do not hesitate to recommend her as a good mediator.
Yvonne Davey - DAVEY LAW

“Thank You”

I must thank you for your part in the successful mediation yesterday with my client. It was a complex and very difficult set of personalities and circumstances, and it is only with your unique and well-honed skills that we are able to reach a settlement.
Pamela Wilson - Barrister at Law

“We Were Truly Impressed”

On behalf of MLDG LAWYERS, I would like to thank you for the excellent work you have done to resolve the matter we had when you acted as a mediator. You are not only professional in your dealing but exhibited empathy to our client. Your knowledge in accounting was very impressive and we were able to deal with accounting matters and principles.We were truly impressed and we look forward to having you as counsel or as a mediator soon.
Maria De Guzman - MLDG Lawyers

“Absolutely Brilliant”

Claudine was absolutely brilliant. I felt like she listened really well, deeply cared for my situation and resolved my matters really efficiently with that delicate touch that is required in cases like these.
Anthony King

“I Have Found Dr Kasselis To Be Highly Competent”

I have included Dr Kasselis as one of my panel Mediators for child, property (or both) family Law matters for several years. As a consequence Dr Kasselis has conducted Mediations in respect a number of matters, for my clients. I have found Dr Kasselis to be highly competent Mediators who is very skilled in obtaining an outcome even in the most high conflict cases. I have also have found Dr Kasselis to be accommodating in respect Mediation arrangements and she has, invariably, attended each Mediation I have conducted with her very well prepared. She clearly has read the materials in advance of the mediation and, where relevant, has researched the relevant law. She has even brought along printouts of the relevant cases which is pleasing and something few other Mediators do.
Andrew Burrow - Principal ABA Lawyers

With a greater than 80% success rate in mediations, Claudine gets results*.